DUVO.USA Honey-Potting The Vape Game

DUVO.USA is a manufacturing company based out of Southern California that has recently gained prestige from their competition grade mech mods and atomizers. Over the years, DUVO has not only designed their mods to perform at a high level, but has also offered various aesthetically pleasing colorways. The style of their mods has always been simple, but that simplicity is what drives focus to their impressive attention to detail. Despite this concept of simplicity, DUVO has recently shied away from the more minimalist look and created a new product that has really started a buzz...

DUVO's competition worthy mods have proven themselves to be quite popular in recent times. This popularity has allowed them to release new limited edition mods such as the  DUVO.USA "Bumble Bee". These limited editions are variations of the already established v3 DUVO and Alpha RDA combo, with a unique twist to each design. The Bumble Bee edition showcases a cerakoted honeycomb design with a matching engraved RDA.

The DUVO v3 Bumble Bee edition was limited to only 20 units, making it a very rare/collectible piece of hardware. Retailing at $400, the Bumble Bee costs about $100 more than the original v3 and Alpha RDA combo. This price increase is due simply to its exclusivity, unique design, and limited production. Although this price-point does require some serious vape budget hands, the work that goes into each limited edition device is truly worth every penny. Those who were lucky enough to receive 1 of these magnificent devices will posses a solid yet functional conversation piece for years to come! Those of you who did not have the chance to add a limited edition DUVO to the collection, there may be another opportunity arising in the near future...

While the Bumble Bee is without question DUVO.USA's most notable release to date, they are no strangers to the limited edition mod game. Alongside the Bumble Bee, DUVO has another limited edition mod and atomizer combo called the "Queen of Hearts". While this limited edition release is obviously more centered towards the feminine side of the market, these setups are not to be taken lightly. The overall design and construct of the mod is truly second to none in the realm of competition mods. Additionally, the Queen of Hearts would be a great pick up for that vape soulmate in your life!

DUVO.USA has really impressed all of us here at Vapeporn with their unique design ability and competition functionality. If you're looking for a classy mod for daily use, a secret weapon for competing in cloud comps, or even a work of art to put on your collectors shelf, DUVO mods is definitely worth looking into. It's not often that the hype behind exclusivity is followed up with sublime performance, and the fact that DUVO.USA seems to sell out almost instantly upon release solidifies their spot in the elite of vape hardware manufacturing. Recently, we've caught wind that another limited edition release from DUVO.USA is in the works. This time as a collaboration with another trending Southern California based manufacturing company. Since I cannot release the details of said project at this time, you will just have to look out for more exciting limited edition products soon to come from DUVO.USA mods!

Featured image via: instagram.com/duvo.usa_mods