Hi-Nic: The New Standard for Nicotine Salts

Hi-Nic e-liquids is revolutionizing the way that we enjoy nicotine salts. With the recent peak in popularity of pre-filled devices, consumers across the world have been crying out for a delicious line that we can enjoy in our closed pod systems. Hi-Nic offers 5 unique juices that are specifically designed to deliver bold flavor in Juuls, MyJets, VonErls, or other compatible devices. Every aspect of this line has been meticulously crafted from the sensation of the nicotine salts to the aroma of the liquid itself. Personally, I find most pre-filled pod flavors to be dull and unsatisfying. However, when I tried the Hi-Nic line it opened up my mind to the possibilities of a closed system vape.

So, what exactly are nicotine salts and how do they work? For those of you who posses a degree in chemistry, you can read through Nude Nicotine's description of nicotine salts here. For those of you who don't, we'll go through a brief overview.

Basically, nicotine salts are an alternate form of nicotine that is used to replace traditional free base nicotine. What separates nicotine salts from free base nicotine is the process and the end result. To sum up Nude Nicotine's process of extraction, they bond cationic acids from the tobacco leaf with the acid's free hydrogens using a cryogenic freeze.

This results in a nicotine base that has a much smoother nicotine delivery than free base nicotine, as well as a cleaner taste. For example; if you were to try a 50mg liquid made with free base nicotine in a closed pod, it would be too harsh to vape and would probably taste terrible. While a 50mg liquid made with nicotine salts is easy to vape, and deceivingly strong.

The first company to commercialize nicotine salt e-liquid was PAX Labs LLC, with their Juul closed system device. Since the Juul hit the open market, nicotine salts have skyrocketed in popularity. Although the Juul is the only device (to my knowledge) that utilizes nicotine salts in pre-filled cartridges, there are now multiple e-liquid lines offering the revolutionary substance.

One factor that I am most impressed about with the Hi-Nic line is the lack of nicotine flavor. Even with the use of nicotine salts, you would expect a 50mg liquid to have a slight nicotine taste. In my experience all of the Hi-Nic flavors bear no noticeable nicotine flavor, which allows the bold and unique blends to shine through. Out of all of the nicotine salt e-liquid lines that I've tried previously, I have to say that Hi-Nic is my favorite thus far. Let me explain why I am such a huge proponent of the Hi-Nic line with our individual flavor review below.

Flavor review:

Tropical: First of all, I am extremely impressed with Hi-Nic's tropical fruit blend. Fruit blends are especially difficult to nail in a pod system, as fruit flavors don't seem to come through much with high nicotine and tight airflow. However, this tropical blend does exactly what the flavor description aims to. When I indulge in this flavor, I imagine myself on the beach in Tahiti sipping ice cold beverages from frosted glasses with those tiny colorful umbrellas. Almost like I'm astral-projecting to a tropical oasis where vague memories lie of a luxurious past life. The predominant flavor on the inhale is a slightly pungent ripe guava, sweetened up with tart berries. The flavor follows through with a refreshing citrus on the exhale, delivering a smooth but flavorful finish.

Tobacco: Although it is extremely difficult to follow suit with such an amazing fruit blend, this tobacco flavor is by far one of the best I've ever tried. IMO this flavor is the best tobacco flavor on the market for closed pod systems. I'm such a fan of this tobacco blend, I would probably buy it in standard nicotine levels to vape in a tank like a Kayfun. This tobacco is slightly reminiscent of Boba's Bounty by Alien Vapor (one of my all time favorites), with a unique twist that I can't quite pin. On the inhale you get subtle notes of roasted nuts and undertones of a robust coffee like aspect. While the exhale transitions to a wet style tobacco with a rich chocolatey finish. Definitely a superb tobacco blend to be enjoyed by former smokers everywhere!

Cereal: This cereal style blend from Hi-Nic e-liquids is definitely one to talk about. This flavor shys away from the stereotypical fruit loops blend, while retaining what we consumers love about cereal flavors. Slightly bready and sugary sweet, smoothed out with a marshmallow like texture. The coveted citrus aftertaste keeps you going back for more, and the next thing you know your pod is empty! This flavor is not an all day pod vape for me, but it is a very nice switch up from the other heavier flavors in this line.

Mint: The Hi-Nic vanilla mint flavor is definitely my favorite from this line. This flavor is truly an all day vape, as I can run through multiple pod-fulls and still find myself craving for more. The concept of a vanilla mint is very interesting, as I have never tried one before. On the inhale you get a slightly cool mentholated throat feel, with a flavor closest to peppermint. As you exhale you experience a smooth transition from mint to a sweet vanilla, which ends up lingering as an aftertaste. Since the mentholated cool does not stick around after exhaling, you aren't left with that awkward freshly brushed teeth sensation. The mint on the inhale is just enough to quench my cravings on a hot summer day, while the vanilla aftertaste keeps me coming back for more!

Dessert: Last but definitely not least, we have the Hi-Nic dessert flavor. As someone who regularly vapes dessert flavors, I can vouch for this cake blend. The cake is sweet and rich, and has an undertone of vanilla frosting drizzle. The creaminess of this flavor comes through on the exhale/aftertaste, and is decadent enough to satisfy my savory cravings without coming across overpowering. With so many brands releasing delicious dessert blends, the standard for cake flavors is at an all time high. And while this flavor is intended for exclusive use with pod style systems, as a whole I think Hi-Nic's dessert can contest with the best of them.

All in all, Hi-Nic is an extremely solid line with a very unique concept. I would be extremely impressed to try this line on an RDA in 3mg, let alone high nicotine in a pod system. If you are a regular user of closed pod vapes and haven't tried Hi-Nic in your setup, I strongly recommend doing so. This line gave me the appeal to invest in some micro on the go devices, while I was hesitant to hop on the pod train before. Although this line is very niche in it's application, I believe consumers around the globe would be just as impressed as I am with the selection of flavors that Hi-Nic offers.

If you are interested in trying Hi-Nic e-liquids in your pod style device, it is available through the Vapeporn store linked below.