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South Beach Smoke hails from none other than South Beach, Miami. Often named “America’s Sexiest City”, South Beach is a social epicenter of the US known for its uniquely chill and relaxed vibe. It only seems fitting that the vaping culture also be shaped by this influence. Talking with South Beach Smoke seems to confirm this theory as they share with us that small, modest devices are favored, echoing the effortlessly cool vintage look and feel of their community. South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette Starter KitThey began their journey in 2008 - a time most recognize as the early start of the vape industry. Wanting to break into it, they began carrying the latest e-cigarette vaporizers which at the time were cig-a-likes. This went on to become one of their best-selling products and remains a mainstay. Their popularity can be attributed to South Beach hitting above the mark when it comes to gas station variety atomizers. They offer a vast amount of cartridge options for those whose palette is broader than just the commonly offered tobacco and menthol. In fact, you can actually create your own e-liquid with their 30,000 flavor combinations. Not only that, but they’re continually pushing the limits on high capacity e-cigarette batteries - having been one of the first ones to push it to 650ma. Above all, South Beach’s success comes from knowing their market and specially curating their product listings to appeal to them. With the advancement of vape technology comes comically large box mods, sub-ohm tanks, super coils, etc. Yet among all the advanced vapers utilizing these new devices, there’s an equal amount of vapers (if not more) who enjoy sticking to the most straightforward device that can provide them with south beach smoke e-cigarette starter kittheir nicotine fix or are merely new to the community and prefer simpler devices. South Beach managed to recognize this niche and has remained loyal to the purist ever since. Every product is hand-selected with them in mind. Not only are they committed to making sure their selection does not overwhelm their consumer, but they’re committed to educating them as well. Switching from smoking to vaping can be intimidating and South Beach works to make this transition as seamless as possible. Their website doubles as a store and as a resource guide. There are tips and instructions throughout so you don’t have to dig through various webpages to find the information you’re looking for. This attention to the consumer’s needs shines through at South Beach Smoke. Their e-cigarette lifetime warranty and their remarkable home delivery service only add to the list of the many things they do to support their customers. Summed up best by them, “we’re just trying to enforce that we’re there for the customers; that we want to have something they want”.

Read on to see more of what South Beach Smoke had to say to our VP Insider:

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette VP: While most of the vaping industry is moving in the direction of things like temperature control box mods, what made you guys stick with the cigarette design? SBS: There’s still a ton of people at this point that want a cig-a-like and want that pure, as-close-to-smoking vaping experience possible. [They want] the benefit of not smoking while still being able to have that oral fixation and getting that nicotine delivery. That’s still our top-selling starter kit. It’s persisted through all of these years. We’ve opened up our cartridge offerings with more fruit, dessert, and menthol so that people can still enjoy vaping without feeling  like they have to vape at .1 ohms and 950W. We try to maintain that almost old school look and feel. We recently opened up our product catalog to vape mode starter kits, dry herb vaporizers, and concentrate vaporizers. We carry max VG e-liquids and vape tanks. Not quite dripper, but all of these devices are really curated to still appeal to that beginner that doesn’t really want to have that 9 battery mod. VP: Ultimately, that market is really huge. There’s so many people joining vaping every day, but they don’t know where to start or how to switch from cigarettes. SBS: Even when we’re picking what it is that we want to bring to South Beach, we try to keep it under 75 watts and any vape tank, [we try not to get] real low ohm coils. 0.5 will do just as well for the 21 year old and the 65 year old. It’s a modest resistance that we try to aim for. Modesty. Something that’s still not going to be rude when you’re in a restaurant. We try to also appeal to the flavor chasers and we’ve added the dry herb and concentrate [vaporizers] for the expanding market. South Beach is kind of the feel we go with. South Beach of Miami people are chill and stuff like that. But we really just want to get the best of the best. VP: Do you think Miami culture influences your vaping culture and in turn influences your product choices? south beach smoke e-cigaretteSBS: Vape pens are still very big here. The new Endura T20 I’ve seen a lot and we’ll be bringing that soon. People just want small stuff. really really really small stuff and it’s cool to see that kind of contrast. If you think about California, everyone has a dripper over there. We don't feel like we have to have the most recent anything. We kind of take a backseat, look at what’s happening in the industry and just kind of pick and choose. The product selection on South Beach is very carefully curated. We don’t make moves on things that we feel will overwhelm people. We really try to make our offerings small so you can really get an idea of what you want. Our e-commerce site has a lot of tips cause we do know our audience is also going to be on the older side and we have getting started instructions right on the page. If you go to a product usually you have to do some digging to figure it out [and] you have to watch some Youtube videos. [Instead] you can just get the instructions right there [and] if there’s any questions obviously we have customer service. But having South Beach be a resource for those people is important so they don't feel lost in all the minutia of it all. VP: Pod systems have been on the rise. Do you guys think you guys are going to add that alongside your cig-a-likes? SBS: We do offer the majority of the iCare series on our site. We definitely identified that as something our customers would really like and again it doesn’t compare necessarily to the e-cigarettes. In terms of the iCare series, it’s a very popular product on our website. People are starting to ask the question, whsouth beach smoke e-cigarette starter kit cartridgesat is next. We’re gonna try to get in front of that and have something that’s still gonna be small, something that they’re used to without being totally overwhelming. We want people to see value and realize that it doesn’t have to be super huge to have a large battery capacity and that’s really what people are looking for. They're looking for long battery life and a nice draw. With a lot of these advanced vaporizers it’s like the draw will rip your head off. People really like that real modest vapor production and that’s important for a lot of people. They don’t want to feel like they’re a part of the trends, they want to just feel like they’re comfortable and we try to facilitate that comfort in a greater capacity. VP: Your guys’ home delivery service is so unique. What made you guys think of that? SBS: We know that as vapors we need it and we need it now. We thought what better way to serve the vaper than to give that option that you can just have everything delivered to you and you already know when you’re gonna get it. That way you can ration it out and kind of say okay here’s my span of time that I have until the next delivery. You can actually have your cartridges, your e-liquid, and very soon devices and atomizers - really anything that's on the site delivered to you at your own frequency. The minimum is every 7 days and you know these days people go through 30ml in a week rather than a month. But you can set your frequency anywhere from 7 days to 14 days to every 3 months to every 5-6 months to every year. A lot of people will add cartridges and we have a 45 pack offering. You can have a month’s worth or two month’s worth or what have you.  Again our customer base ranges, but really the older folks: those who can’t get out, those who don’t have readily easily accessible internet - they can have these things set to deliver whenever. It’ll be there for you when you expect it to be. We have a super fast delivery time and lifetime warranty on all of our e-cigarettes. We’re just trying to really to enforce that we're there for the customers; that we want to have something they want. Check out more at