You Got E-Juice is Making Vaping Affordable for Everyone

In an industry where juice prices have been steadily increasing and the term “premium” translates to you forking over an additional $5-10 for a bottle of juice, you have to wonder if vaping might be bleeding your pockets dry. Is there really a difference between the “low-end” juice and the “high-end” juice if the ingredients label is the same?

There’s a brand who wondered the same thing and answered it with a resounding no. You Got E-Juice, out of sunny San Diego, has a motto all vapers can get behind: Making Vaping Affordable For Everyone. They built what they nickname the “e-value line” that has dozens of flavors, not from the standpoint of a business, but from the standpoint of the consumer since as they kindly pointed out, they’re vapers too. At the end of the day, this is about helping people kick a habit and quit smoking. We had the chance to talk to Jimmy, the owner of You Got E-Juice, about how he built this line and why his juice prices are on the lower end of the market. We quickly realized it was centered around only one parameter: the vaper’s best interests.

How long were you a part of the vaping industry before starting your own e-liquid line?

We started in the vaping industry back in mid-2013. I would say maybe for 4 or 5 months because we started off with a shop and then created an e-liquid line.

What made you want to make the transition from a shop to creating e-liquid?

Just trying to bring something that the consumer base liked and would help them stop smoking. Something to keep them intrigued because back in 2013 there weren’t a whole of e-liquid companies available. We were just trying to create something our consumers found, you know, desirable.

Was this something you kind of learned how to do on your own or did you learn to make e-liquid from anyone?

We’re close friends with a lot of people in the industry, A really good friend of mine is Adam who is behind Adam Bomb and Lighthouse [Liquids]. So all of us were into making liquids and worked on development together, but as far as flavor profiles, I’m a really good cook and that’s where that comes from.

We’ll definitely have to try your food some time then! I notice that you have so many flavors, but is there any particular influence or style - I mean is it driven more by what you and the people around you like or are you following juice trends?

I think obviously from any business standpoint, we do try to follow trends to a certain extent. But the thing that keeps us separate from everyone else is simplicity. It’s all very basic; there’s no guessing what the juice tastes like. If it says Vanilla Custard - it tastes like Vanilla Custard. It’s not like Morning Fluffiness, you don’t have those big long descriptions and a wine menu of what you’re tasting.

We found that’s been a huge success for us. Our customers really like it.

True. Sometimes I feel like I’m being handed a seven-course menu and I still walk away not quite knowing what flavors I tried.

Your tagline is making vaping affordable for everyone - is this something you felt was off with the industry, did you think juice prices were getting too high for the common vaper?

Yes! The exact reason we came up with that is [that] not everyone can afford to be spending $20-30 on a bottle of juice on a consistent basis. Before in the industry, it didn’t used to be a problem because we were using Protanks so a bottle of juice would last 10-15 days. Now with more high-tech devices and the popularity of sub-ohm devices, the juice just gets sucked down super fast. Hardware advanced so quickly, but e-liquid didn’t. It advanced so fast and at such a high, rapid rate that e-liquid didn’t have enough time to be valuable for the consumer at the same time.

We follow all the same standards that premium liquids do. We use nothing but the best ingredients we can get on our hands on, proper lab equipment, and appropriate procedures. We do everything the same except charge you an arm and leg for each individual bottle.

Our motto [reflects that] we’re not just the manufacturer and a business, but we all vape, we’re also consumers. We think about everyone that doesn’t make their own e-liquid and what position are they in.

With so many flavors, what are your top 3 sellers? What’s your personal favorite?

The savory ones are usually the best sellers - Strawberry Cheesecake and Strawberry Custard. The third fluctuates, but right now it’s Frosted Donut.

My favorite is Strawberry Custard. Going on 3 years. I actually developed that one because my wife and I were going on vacation to the tropics and I wanted something savory and fruity. So I made a 500mL batch to take with me and I haven’t vaped any other juice since. I love that one.

Now that’s an all-day vape. So do you guys have any big plans for 2017? Any new products on the horizon? Do you guys attend trade shows or conventions where consumers might be able to find you?

I have a whole shelf of flavors that I would love to let go of but we can’t because of the FDA. But we do a lot of business overseas, so I am working on putting more flavors there. Hopefully someday something will change in the market here.

We do attend trade shows and conventions all the time and we post on our social media when we will be attending them. Sometimes we attend the show without a booth and go around and talk about local involvement to get people involved in advocacy. We volunteer our time for all the different advocacy groups. We all have to look at the big picture.

Any final thoughts?

We just always try to consistently thank everyone for the continued support!

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